Derek Dunlop

July 6 - 28, 2012

Watch Video Interview with Derek Dunlop and enjoy moments from our Sizzling Summer Soiree on July 6.

Derek Dunlop lives in Winnipeg.  He received his MFA from the University of British Columbia in 2006 and his BFA from Simon Fraser University in 2001. He has exhibited at the Burnaby Art Gallery, Ace Art Gallery (Winnipeg), Blanket Gallery (Vancouver) and Platform Gallery (Winnipeg).

"I usually start a painting with some kind of a plan, either referencing an outside source, using a matrix, or simply exploring an idea towards a way of working.  Aided by photographic projections, pieces of plastic and tape or found objects, my process leaves room for experimentation and chance and requires that my materials speak for themselves.  I engage in a process of applying and removing paint, revealing and concealing gestures.

I am interested in the visual and the material aspects of the paint equally. In a self-reflexive and critical manner my work is a complex study of marks and effacements that blend reference with abstraction. The activity of painting and the materiality of paint itself are of utmost importance and become central to the final meaning in each work."  Derek Dunlop

The particular paintings selected for the current exhibition, Square, are concerned with visibility and invisibility.  Over the past several years, visibility and invisibility have become central to Dunlop's practice both in terms of how he approaches his materials as well as how he theorizes his practice.