Painting: Jared Peters, Mike Pszczonak and Matthew Tarini -- June 6 - 28, 2013

In our middle gallery for the month of June, we will be introducing three MFA students currently studying at Western University.

Jared Peters is an emerging contemporary artist engaged with themes of painting, history, power, and identity.  His work investigates the formation of subjectivity through social discipline and regulated spaces, and the possibilities for independent agency from within these spaces.  His paintings are sourced from immediate engagements with daily experience, and interactions with the conventional arrangements of contemporary life. 

Jared Peters was a semifinalist in the prestigious 2011 RBC Painting Competition.  His work has been collected by the New Brunswick Art Bank and in private collections across Canada.  He is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Western Ontario.  Click HERE for Jared Peters CV

Mike Pszczonak
's work explores the discrepancy between language and experience, mastery and failure, the mundane and the remarkable.  He is interested in still-life as a subject and the relationship between the quotidian space and the ready-made object.  His current body of work is invested in the observation of light.  More specifically, interested in observing and painting light itself as a still-life object.

Mike Pszczonak is an artist based in London, Ontario.  He received his Bachelor of Arts Honours within the studio art program at the University of Guelph and is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Western Ontario.  Click HERE for Mike Pszczonak's CV

Matthew Tarini
is a realist painter currently living in London, Ontario.  Initially he trained in the traditional academic method of drawing and painting and found it to be invaluable as a foundation for creating realist works.  Working mostly in oil, the bulk of his work is of cityscapes, landscapes and figurative work.  He is particularly interested in our society’s increasing lack of connection to nature and in the erosion of community and beauty in the modern world.  These are the issues that inspire him to create paintings that transcribe our contemporary society onto canvas in the most honest way that he can.

Matthew has recently finished the Fine Arts Undergraduate program at York University and is half way through his Masters of Fine Arts at Western University. He hopes in the future to teach both drawing and painting and to continue to produce work for exhibition.  Click HERE for Matthew Tarini's CV