Kelly Wallace: Terminal

This exhibition of recent work by London artist Kelly Wallace features a series of graphite and ink drawings that explore the relationship between replication and memory.

The most immediate of all artistic activities, drawing has traditionally been a place of transition, a point of departure, for the creation of something else.  For Wallace, however, drawing is a termination point; the end of an exercise to render memory into a physical and visual form.

In TERMINAL Wallace’s methodical and systematic approach to making his work fuses memory and imagination into a dynamic and intricate series of natural and man-made landscapes that operate as both a study of the world around us and a construct of his imagination.

These unconventional, often fantastic, landscapes result from a rigid system of mark-marking that call mechanical replication to mind, literally drawing into question issues of authenticity, craftsmanship, originality and virtuosity.

Wallace holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Guelph. His work has been exhibited in both Canada and the United States.  This is the first exhibition of his work at Museum London.