NEW VIDEO – Introducing Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart

Sage Szkabarnicki Stuart is an emerging photographer living in Toronto. She mostly uses herself as the subject of her photographs, which is both vain and necessary because she is alone a lot of the time. She is completely self-taught.

Szkabarnicki Stuart’s work focuses on how humans interact with their home environment. The central question of her work is: what defines a place as home? One way to try and answer this is by highlighting aspects of the day-to-day that are embedded in routine. Through her photographs Sage hopes to give the viewer a new sense of appreciation and awareness for the place they call home.

Szkabarnicki Stuart graduated with a degree in animation from Concordia University in 2018. Her work has been recently exhibited at the Artist Project and the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair where she won both the Honourable Mention: Student and Emerging Artists by Emerging Curator awards. She is currently resident artist at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga.


View her photographs HERE