Jack Cocker

London, ON emerging artist Jack Cocker (born 2001) grew up in Norwich, ON.  After graduating from high school, he attended H.B. Beal Secondary School in London.  In September 2023 he will begin his 4th year at Western University working towards his BFA, Honours Specialization in Studio Art.

Recent group exhibitions include “Allegory”, artLAB Gallery and “Goodness, Present and Hallowed”, artLAB Vitrine at Western University in 2023.

In his paintings, he explores the often overlooked familiar subjects found in rural and urban areas surrounding his home in South-Western Ontario as well as the province of Quebec.


“In my recent practice, I have concentrated on creating figurative and landscape paintings that confront ideas such as genuineness, connection, spirit, and memory.  My work is not rooted in a hard and fast concept, but in a number of ideas and feelings, where I use painting as a lens to observe and question.  

The subjects that spark my interest, and more importantly hold onto, are hardly ever those I can easily explain with words, though they create a prolonged curiosity and demand to be explored by visual means.  Painting, for me, is this inherently involved way of appreciating whatever it is that each subject seems to emanate.  Integral to my exploration is the materiality, volatility, colour and texture of each painting.

While I usually paint from found imagery, I never want to just re-create an image.  Often it’s a fragment of a picture – a figure, face, landmark etc – that I’ll take, but never really the full image.  At the end of the day, the paintings should be about painting and creating painted spaces – the image is important to the finished picture, but for me it is the painting itself that is interesting for me.  That is what makes the picture worth making.”

Selected Works


Jack Cocker

July 4 - August 3 - 2024

Jack Cocker “Holiday From Real”

For his 2nd solo exhibition at MGG, emerging artist Jack Cocker has created a groundbreaking suite of new paintings exploring his interest of "the figure in the landscape".

Jack Cocker

July 6 - July 29 - 2023

Jack Cocker “Round Here”

July exhibition of new figurative paintings by Jack Cocker that confront ideas such as genuineness, connection, spirit and memory.


Curriculum Vitae


2001 Woodstock, ON
Lives in London, ON


2024  Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours Specialization in Studio Art, Western University
2019  Bealart Foundations, H.B. Beal Secondary School


2024 “Holiday From Real”, Michael Gibson Gallery, London, ON (solo)
2023  “Round Here”, Michael Gibson Gallery, London, ON (solo)
2023  “Sustain.Ability”, University Community Centre, Western University, London, ON
2023 “Annual Juried Exhibition 21”, Western University, London, ON (3rd place prize)
2023  “Goodness, Present & Hallowed”, ArtLab Gallery Vitrine, Western University, London, ON
2023  “Nuit Violette: Utopia”, Western University, London, ON
2022 “When I hear ART, I think of…”, University Community Centre, Western University, London, ON
2022  “Objectlings, Thinglings, Wildlings, John Labatt Visual Arts Centre, Western University, London, ON


2022  Illustrator, Laddy O’Luck, written by Mac Kennedy, Published by Mascot Books


2022  Symposium Volume 10, Issue 1, Western University, London, ON