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The value of art is our passion and building strong collections our history.

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Acquisition & De-accession for Collectors

Since 1984, Michael Gibson Gallery has specialized in the acquisition and sale of artwork created by artists of significant Canadian cultural importance. By providing our clients with unparalleled service and unique opportunities, we continue our tradition of excellence in the brokering of Canadian art.

Equipped with our vast experience and national network of partners, we ensure a selling process that is discreet, efficient and of the highest standard. We are committed to creating a unique selling strategy to fit your needs and can discuss the best options available to place your important artwork in a new collection.

Members in good standing with the Art Dealers Association of Canada

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International Art Fairs

Collection Management

Our Speciality is Post-War

We are experienced in both the acquisition and sale of paintings by the Group of Seven, Painters Eleven and London Regionalists, with a focus on post-war Canadian paintings created between 1955-1975. Of special interest are the artworks by Jack Bush, Greg Curnoe, Paterson Ewen, Ron Martin, Guido Molinari and Michael Snow.

Review Our Full List of Artists

Click below to see the full list of Canadian and international artists who we have an active interest in

  • Margot Ariss
  • Frederick Banting
  • Jean-Michel Basquiat
  • BC Binning
  • David Bolduc
  • John Boyle
  • David Blackwood
  • Ron Bloore
  • Paul-Emile Borduas
  • Jack Bush
  • Oscar Cahen
  • Franklin Carmichael
  • Emily Carr
  • AJ Casson
  • Jack Chambers
  • Graham Coughtry
  • Greg Curnoe
  • Aganetha Dyck
  • Marcel Dzama
  • Paterson Ewen
  • Joe Fafard
  • Gathie Falk
  • Murray Favro
  • Roly Fenwick
  • Marcelle Ferron
  • Eric Fischl
  • Yves Gaucher
  • Charles Gagnon
  • Betty Goodwin
  • Hortense Gordon
  • Richard Gorman
  • Will Gorlitz
  • Tom Hodgson
  • Jacques Hurtubise
  • Gershon Iskowitz
  • AY Jackson
  • Franz Johnston
  • Brian Jones
  • William Kurelek
  • Harold Klunder
  • Doug Kirton
  • Dorothy Knowles
  • Wanda Koop
  • Jean Paul Lemieux
  • Rita Letendre
  • Maud Lewis
  • Arthur Lismer
  • Alexandra Luke
  • Ron Martin
  • Robert Markle
  • Henrietta Mabel May
  • Ray Mead
  • John Meredith
  • David Milne
  • JEH MacDonald
  • Jock MacDonald
  • Jean McEwen
  • Doris McCarthy
  • Clark McDougall
  • Guido Molinari
  • Kazuo Nakamura
  • Frank Panabaker
  • Alfred Pellan
  • William Perehudoff
  • Christopher Pratt
  • Mary Pratt
  • Gordon Rayner
  • Walter Redinger
  • Robert Rauschenberg
  • Jean-Paul Riopelle
  • Goodridge Roberts
  • William Ronald
  • Julian Schnabel
  • Jack Shadbolt
  • Tony Scherman
  • John Scott
  • Gordon Smith
  • Michael Snow
  • Tom Thomson
  • Angus Trudeau
  • Harold Town
  • Claude Tousignant
  • Tony Urquhart
  • Frederick Varley
  • Andy Warhol
  • Joyce Wieland
  • Walter Yarwood
  • Ed Zelenak

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Contact Us to Consign or Sell

If you are in possession of a painting of value, whether by your own purchase or through an inheritance, we encourage you to speak with us for a complimentary and confidential consultation. To assist us, please record the following information about your painting:

  • Artist(s) name, title, date and unframed dimensions
  • Provenance
  • Gallery labels found on the back of the artwork
  • Photographs of the front, back and signature are also helpful

Who We Are

Established in 1984, the Michael Gibson Gallery has earned a nation-wide reputation specializing in the selling and buying of contemporary Canadian, historical and international art. In addition to representing the finest regional and national artists, the gallery has an active secondary market business and provides practical solutions for clients who need assistance in the appraisal and selling of their fine artworks. In the past, we have had great success in helping families manage and de-accession their art collections.

Michael Gibson

Michael Gibson is President of the Michael Gibson Gallery. Upon completion of his BBA at Bishop’s University, Michael opened a gallery in downtown London in 1984. A Past President of the Art Dealers Association of Canada, Gibson served on the Board of Directors for nine years. He has participated in over 40 international art fairs, has sat on many art juries, and frequently gives talks about collecting art. Michael has built a successful business by focusing on representing leading artists in Canada and curating beautiful exhibitions. The gallery proudly represents many prominent Canadian artists estates.

Jennie Kraehling

Jennie Kraehling is the Associate Director of the Michael Gibson Gallery. Jennie has an honours Art History/ English degree from Queen’s University. As a professionally trained appraiser, Jennie writes fine art appraisals for re-sale, insurance, estate planning and for donation purposes. Jennie has experience writing market value appraisals for clients looking to sell artworks that they have inherited or purchased, insurance appraisals for public gallery collections, estate appraisals to determine the fair market value for probate or division of personal property and CCPERB donation appraisals for major Canadian public art galleries. All appraisal reports are written to USPAP standards.

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