Paterson Ewen

Paterson Ewen was born in 1925 in Montreal, Quebec. He died in London, Ontario in 2002. He attended McGill University from 1946-47 where he studied geology, and fine arts.

From 1948-50 he took classes at the School of Art and Design at the Montreal Museum of Fine, studying under Goodridge Roberts, Arthur Lismer, William Armstrong, and Jacques de Tonnancour. His earliest works of the late 1940s reveal a range of interests and, particularly, the influence of Goodridge Roberts.

By the mid 1950s, he had begun a 16-year exploration of abstraction, at first with gestural and then, by 1964, with geometric forms loosely related to hard-edge painting. While in Montreal, he was tangentially connected to the artists of the Automatiste movement and became a member of the Non-Figurative Artists’ Association of Montreal, founded in 1956.

In 1968, Ewen moved to London, Ontario where he taught at the Visual Arts Department of the University of Western Ontario from 1972 to 1988. Ewen began a new stage in his artistic career in 1971 when his working method and imagery changed dramatically. He started working on plywood instead of canvas, using a router to gouge out powerful images of earthbound and celestial phenomena.

Paterson Ewen is represented in major museums and public galleries throughout Canada.

Seeking Artworks by Paterson Ewen

MGG specializes in the acquisition and sale of artwork by Paterson Ewen.  If you own a Paterson Ewen and would like assistance in determining its value, please contact Michael directly HERE or call 519.439.0451.


Pop-Up at SBG

October 26 - October 31 - 2021

Pop-Up @ SBG 2021

For the 2nd yea,r in collaboration with the Stephen Bulger Gallery, we Pop-Up in Toronto along with our esteemed peers Pierre-Francois Ouellette Art Contemporain, TrepanierBaer and Wil Aballe Art Projects.


December 8 - January 11 - 2019

Canadian Watercolours

In the middle gallery for the month of December we are featuring a curated exhibition of Canadian watercolour artists.  Hung salon style, the artists include: Jack Bush, AJ Casson, Paterson Ewen



Paterson Ewen

Paterson Ewen “Life & Work” Now Live

Paterson Ewen's "Life & Work" ebook published by the Art Canada Institute is now live.


Curnoe Ewen Falk Moppett Opening Party

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Curnoe Ewen Falk Moppett

Foreword by Michael Gibson, Introduction by Mayo Graham

Michael Gibson Gallery

April 2013

44 pages, colour illustrations, 5 3/4 x 5 1/2 in., softcover


Michael Gibson Gallery exhibition catalogue for Curnoe Ewen Falk Moppett. Our 2013 show that re-visited the original 1982 exhibition at the MacKenzie Art Gallery.


Rebels & Iconoclasts: John G. Hatch on Paterson Ewen

John G. Hatch is associate professor of art history and chair of the Department of Visual Arts at Western University.  In this ACI talk, Hatch discusses how Ewen’s oeuvre was an inspiration for many Canadian artists who followed his example, making him a critical figure in the country’s cultural landscape.

Paterson Ewen : a mural commission for the University of Lethbridge

A video depicting the creation of the mural commissioned by the University of Lethbridge to Paterson Ewen.