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Upcoming Exhibition – Jonathan Forrest

For our 5th solo exhibition with Jonathan Forrest we are excited to introduce his newest series of abstract paintings. Minimal in colour and matte in finish, these new paintings are like looking through a veil: the image hints at representation, however, is grounded in pure, minimal abstraction.

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Greg Curnoe “Mariposa T.T.”

Greg Curnoe's "Mariposa T.T." is one of his most iconic images. The serigraph on plexiglass edition pays homage to one of his most beloved bikes, became a platform to display his technical bravado as well as highlight his interest in nationalism.

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Greg Curnoe

Greg Curnoe

"Mariposa T.T" is one of the most iconic images associated with Greg Curnoe. Throughout the 1970s he made full size portraits of each of his racing bicycles, shown in profile with lists of the individual components and mechanical parts. The Mariposa, in particular, was a favourite bike of Greg's as it was made in Canada and one which he rode often.

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Gathie Falk

Gathie Falk

Falk's recent "Water Again" paintings appear to have been cut out of the environment – slices or pieces of water from her imagination. Painted thinly with beautiful washes of colour, Falk wants the paintings to feel fluid, almost like you are on top of the water, looking down at the alluring combination of colours and textures below.

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Christopher Pratt

Christopher Pratt

Some of Christopher Pratt's most recognizable images are those of his clapboard houses featuring austere architecture. "Summer on the South East" is one of four seasonal autobiographical variations that Pratt made of his summer cabin, built on the Southeast River. This serigraph contrasts precise line and stark lighting with the softness of the natural world.

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