Niloufar SalimiNiloufar Salimi (b. Shiraz, Iran in 1982 & based in Toronto)  completed her MFA at Western University and received a BFA from OCAD University.  Salimi is a multiple recipient of Ontario Arts Council Grants.  In addition to her studio practice, she works as an Education and Outreach Coordinator at the Power Plant Contemporary Gallery, Toronto.


“75 Oriole Road” Artist Statement

With previous work my foremost desire was to keep everything in an ambiguous place, a certain poetry of the ‘in-between’. This sort of exploration was possible because the every-day brought with it certainty. When the pandemic cast many certain things into a grey area, I stopped working. In July 2020, I began to draw again. This daily drawing practice, concentrating on the old, wild apple trees looked at through my apartment window, brought purpose to the uncertain times.

Never in my life had I had the desire to be present and to confirm each coming moment! And it was every day with the birth, the aging, and the dying of a leaf that this was possible. My purpose was not to represent, but simply to be with the leaf, the branch and the visible moment. Drawing a line is to follow the existence of the thing seen, to become that other existence, that other living thing.

There is, anyway, enough complexity in things visible to allow a certain poetry.

“One window for seeing/ One window for hearing/ One window for reaching into the heart of the earth” (Forough Farrokhzad).

Selected Works


Art Toronto

October 27 - October 30 - 2022

Art Toronto 2022

We are honoured to return to Art Toronto 2022 taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre between October 27 - 30, 2022.

Niloufar Salimi

August 31 - October 8 - 2022

Niloufar Salimi “75 Oriole Rd”

Twelve of Niloufar Salimi's exquisite drawings of the wild apple tree outside of her bedroom window will be the focus of our middle gallery September exhibition.


Curriculum Vitae


Shiraz, Iran in 1982


2015 – Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Western University, London, ON

2008 – Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) – Drawing and Painting, OCAD University, Toronto, ON


2022 – 75 Oriole Rd., Michael Gibson Gallery, London, ON
2020 – 75 Oriole Rd., Support Gallery, London, ON
2016 – Entanglement, Open Sesame Gallery, Kitchener, ON
2015 – I am not I, almost never, DNA Artspace, London, ON


2022 – Home, McIntosh Gallery, London, ON

2021 – Artist as Curator, 2Gallery, Picton, ON
2021 – (Be)longing, Embassy Cultural House (ECH), London, ON
2021 – Stop Extinction! Restore the Earth, Embassy Cultural House (ECH), London, ON
2021 – International Women’s Day Exhibition: Go, Rise and Strike, Embassy Cultural House (ECH), London, ON

2019 – Line and Verse, Culture Bureau of Chiayi County, Taibao City, Taiwan (touring)
2019 – I’m busy, Support Gallery, London, ON

2018 – Line and Verse, University of Toronto, Robarts Library, Toronto, ON (touring)

2017 – Past Forward, Artlab Gallery, London, ON

2016 – Plexus, DNA Artspace, London, ON
2016- Drawing 2016, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, ON

2015 – Uncooperative, Forest City Gallery, London, ON
2015 – Satellite, Satellite Artspace, London, ON

2014 – The fire doesn’t burn itself, After Hours Projects, Toronto, ON
2014 – sum of two and three, one more than four, Artlab Gallery, London, ON
2014 – Carte Blanche, DNA Artspace, London, ON

2013 – Studio Works, CB Gallery, Toronto, ON

2012 – GAS, Gerrard Art Gallery, Toronto, ON

2011 – Experiencing Perspectives, Mercedes-Benz Gallery, Oakville, ON

2010 – Catalyst for Change, Daimler Services, Mississauga, ON

2008 – Last night I dreamt, Walnut Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2008 – Make Believe, OCAD University Student Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2008 – Memory, Graduate Exhibition, OCAD U, Toronto, Ontario
2008- 49 Parallel, Steam Whistle Brewery Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

2006 – Second Vision, Ryerson University, ISARU, Toronto, Ontario

2004 – Children of Heaven, Richmond Hill Academy of Art, Ontario


2018 – Ontario Arts Council (OAC) Grant for Visual Arts Project
2016 – Ontario Arts Council (OAC) Grant for Emerging Artists
2013-14 – University of Western Ontario Dean’s Entrance Scholarship
2008 – Mrs. W.O. Forsyth Award, OCAD University


2020 – Materials, Support Gallery, Essay by E.C. Woodley, London, ON

2015 – sum of two and three, one more than four, Curatorial catalogue, London, ON

2009 – Colour and two-dimensional design text book, Glenn McArthur, Toronto, ON

2008 – Drawing and Painting Department Catalogue, Toronto, ON

2006 – Taking a Second Look Magazine, Ryerson University, Artist Interview, Toronto, ON


2020-present – Contributing Editor, Embassy Cultural House, London, ON

2020-present -Teaching Artist, The Power Plant Contemporary Gallery, Toronto, ON

2015-present – Gallery Assistant, The Power Plant Contemporary Gallery, Toronto, ON

2014-2015 – Research Assistance, Plastiglomerates environmental art project, Western University, London, ON

2013-2015 – Teaching Assistant, Advanced Drawing and Painting Courses, Western University, London, ON

2013-2014 – Educator officer Assistant, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON


2020- Artist talk to Chelsea College of Art MFA class, London, UK

2018- Sunday Scene on Abbas Akhavan’s Exhibition, The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, ON

2016- Artist talk, Open Sesame Gallery, Kitchener, ON

2015- Artist talk to Drawing and Painting thesis class, OCAD University

2014- Artist talk to Advanced Painting class, Western University


WATCH – New Video

Niloufar Salimi’s narrates her video about her exquisite watercolours, "75 Oriole Rd"



75 Oriole Rd Catalogue

Niloufar Salimi

Materials Vol 12

November 2020

Eric Woodley


Embassy Cultural House

Interview with Niloufar Salimi




Niloufar Salimi “75 Oriole Rd”

Niloufar Salimi’s narrates this behind the scenes video about her exquisite watercolours called "75 Oriole Rd". Painted over two years, the drawings of the wild apple tree outside of her bedroom window are the focus of our middle gallery September exhibition. Each drawing carefully records the passing of time and the change of seasons. Through delicate line and beautiful touch, we re-live the life and growth of the tree from early spring through winter.