Vic Cicansky

Victor Cicansky was born and raised in Regina. He is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan (B.Ed. 1964), the University of California at Davis (M.F.A. 1970). He also studied at Haystack Mountain School of Art at Deer Isle, Maine. In 2007, Cicansky received an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from the University of Regina. He is the recipient of many Canada Council grants and awards including the Victoria and Albert Award for Sculpture and the Saskatchewan Order of Merit. In July 2009 Cicansky was named a member of the Order of Canada for his contribution to the arts as a mentor, educator and sculptor.

In 2019, the Mackenzie Art Gallery organized a 50 year survey of Victor’s ceramics and bronze sculptures. “The Gardener’s Universe” is accompanied by a extensive exhibition catalogue and toured to the Confederation Centre in PEI.

Victor Cicansky’s bronze and ceramic sculptures have been exhibited extensively across Canada, the United States, Japan, and Europe and his work is found in numerous museum and corporate collections including: Mendel Art Gallery (Saskatoon), Montreal Museum of Fine Art, Museum of Fine Arts (Tokyo), National Gallery of Canada, RBC Financial Group, Shaw Communications Inc.

Victor Cicansky lives and works in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Seeking Artworks by Victor Cicansky

MGG specializes in the acquisition and sale of artwork by Victor Cicansky.  If you own a Victor Cicansky and would like assistance in determining its value, please contact Michael directly HERE or call 519.439.0451.

Selected Works


Winter 2021

January 29 - April 10 - 2021

“Chroma III”

For the past two years we have curated exhibitions deep in the winter months that feature colour.  This year, colour has been deeply needed.  In response to the white falling snow outside, we have curated[...]

The Simple Life

December 3 - December 26 - 2020

“The Simple Life”

Our curated December exhibition features artworks that are inspired by the home, domestic life and simple, everyday objects made extraordinary.  The exhibit celebrates the everyday, delighting the senses and highlighting the beauty of intimate moments[...]



Victor Cicansky

Happy Birthday Victor Cicansky

Victor Cicansky (born in 1935) is one of Canada’s best known sculptors.

Vic Cicansky

Cicansky Interview “The Constant Gardener”

Vic Cicansky is interviewed by Jocelyn Anderson of UC Davis Magazine.  



Canadian Art Magazine

Vic Cicansky

Victor Cicansky: The Gardener's Universe

June 3, 2019

Canadian Art Magazine



Victor Cicansky

Two galleries open and a book launches for well known Regina-based creator

June 9, 2019

Bryan Eneas


Regina Leader-Post

Victor Cicansky

Art and gardens have been Victor Cicansky's life since boyhood in Garlic Flats

June 28, 2019

Ashley Martin


Victor Cicansky

Victor Cicansky

Border Crossings, Issue 151

September 2019

Sandee Moore



Victor Cicansky

The Garden of Art

Don Kerr

University of Calgary Press

October 2004

9 1/2 x 7 inches


Victor Cicansky

Up From Garlic Flats

Victor Cicansky

Radiant Press

June 21, 2019

8 x 5 inches



ACI Visits “Chroma” Exhibit

Sara Angel, Founder and Executive Director of the Art Canada Institute recently spent a morning at the Michael Gibson Gallery. Join Angel as she receives a tour of the exhibit "Chroma" and discusses with Michael Gibson and Jennie Kraehling the many artists exploring glorious colour through their artworks.

Victor Cicansky: The Gardener’s Universe

Watch the trailer for Victor Cicansky's 30 minute long documentary. Victor Cicansky’s body of work, from the 1960s to present includes surrealist pieces, early experimental Funk sculptures, ceramic Mason jars, and bronze bonsai trees. Cicansky’s work reflects his early exposure to gardening and his Romanian-Canadian working class roots. Victor Cicansky: The Gardener’s Universe was filmed by 291 Film Company, as part of a comprehensive retrospective of Cicansky’s work, mounted at the MacKenzie Art Gallery.