Aganetha Dyck “Collaborating in the Darkness”

Aganetha Dyck “Collaborating in the Darkness” — September 5-26, 2009


Aganetha Dyck is interested in environmental issues, specifically the power of the small and inter-species communication. She is best known for her collaborative work with live honeybees.

From 2001-2003 Aganetha and her son Richard collaborated on the Hive Scan Series of photographs. They placed a flat bed scanner inside of the beehive and captured these alluring photographs of the frenzied activity inside. The non-bee objects that we see (salt and pepper shakers, lace, drawings) are Aganetha’s artworks in-progress. The bees continue to move as the scan head moves – their images compressing and smearing. Along with the suite of scan photographs, we will be exhibiting new work from the hive: metal signs with beework, figurines and hive drawings.

Aganetha Dyck received the Manitoba Arts Council Award of Distinction in 2006 and the Governor General’s Award in Visual Arts in 2007. Upcoming exhibitions include “Masked Ball” at the Canadian Clay and Glass Museum, Kitchener in October and “Screen 2010” an online exhibition curated by the Canada Council for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

“Collaborating in the Darkness” was co-presented by LOLA Festival 2009.


Link to Aganetha Dyck’s Artist Page HERE