Art Toronto 2014

Toronto International Art Fair — October 24-27, 2014


Last weekend we enjoyed a successful 15th Annual Toronto International Art Fair. Opening night was full of energy which continued throughout the entire weekend.

We were successful in selling a selection of Gathie Falk’s paintings that will be included in our November exhibition as well as vintage 1960s Greg Curnoe collages & watercolours.

Susan Dobson’s newest “Viewfinder” photographs were a huge hit. The edition of Dobson’s “Sanderson Tropical Field Camera, circa 1920” is already half sold out.

We sold out the editions of Diana Thorneycroft’s “The West Wind” and “Avro Arrow at Sombre Hill” photographs and Wanda Koop’s “Interplay” prints were well received. Paintings by emerging artists’ Erik Olson and RBC Painting Competition finalist Ashleigh Bartlett also found new homes.

We received mentions in the press including Canadian Art’s “Editors Preview Picks for Art Toronto” and Greg Curnoe’s monumental “Three Pieces” was mentioned in James Adams’ Globe and Mail article on Art Toronto.

Thank you to everyone who supported us at Art Toronto!


Artists that we exhibited:

–New abstract paintings by recent RBC Painting Competition Finalist Ashleigh Bartlett

–Text-based work and early 1960s paintings by Greg Curnoe

–Susan Dobson’s Viewfinder photographs of the Great Lakes seen through vintage glass

–Recent beework that combines vintage bee books with bee-altered fabrics by Aganetha Dyck

–Gathie Falk’s newest Water & Light paintings

–New Kaleidoscopic paintings by James Kirkpatrick

–A selection of Wanda Koop’s suite of Interplay prints

–New bold abstracted Canadian landscape paintings by Erik Olson

–A selection of Diana Thorneycroft’s “Canadians and Americans” photographs


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