Art Toronto 2015

Art Toronto — October 23-26, 2015

From October 23 – 26, Michael Gibson Gallery exhibited at Art Toronto for the 16th consecutive year. The dynamic new floor-plan, new marketing and enthusiastic collectors produced a very successful fair.

Our booth featured a balance of young emerging artists – Ufuk Gueray (who we sold out), Mark Mullin, Erik Olson & Ashleigh Bartlett – with key works from the estates of Paterson Ewen and Greg Curnoe.

Ewen’s “Close up of a Planet with Three Satellites” created very strong dialogue amongst Art Toronto patrons. The disadvantage of art fairs is the lack of time one can give to a single viewing of one piece of artwork. Perhaps we should treat the Ewen similar to how we visit the Mark Rothko’s at the Tate Modern.

We sold important historical text-based works by Greg Curnoe, editions from Diana Thorneycroft’s “Canadians & Americans” series of photographs and portrait paintings by Erik Olson.

Jason McLean’s new drawings continue to receive a lot of attention. His work was included by Border Crossings Magazine in their “Editor’s Picks of Day 1” and we were successful in selling two major drawings to corporations and several more drawings to private collectors. A good start for our November exhibition.

Thank you to everyone who supported us at Art Toronto!