Art Toronto 2018 – October 26-29

Thank you to everyone who made our 19th year exhibiting at Art Toronto a resounding success.

At the opening night gala we were pleased to place a rare Greg Curnoe painting in a Toronto area collection. “View from the Most Southerly Window on the East Wall” (1969-1970) was one of eight paintings with audio components that Curnoe painted of his studio windows.  Originally exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 1976, this painting is the last one in private hands.  The painting was also highlighted as part of the Canadian Masterworks tour during the fair.

The London Regionalists (both new and old) were strongly represented in our booth with colourful new annotated drawings by Jason McLean, a circuit-bent sound instrument by James Kirkpatrick and a rare 1970 World Painting by Ron Martin.  Both Jason McLean’s drawings and Kirkpatrick’s sculpture sold to Toronto collectors.

By Saturday, we re-hung our booth and were proud to feature and sell a large 1982 canvas by Gathie Falk and present an elegant 1978 abstract by Charles GagnonDorothy Knowles‘ 2 never-exhibited-before floral/landscape paintings from 1983 captured many imaginations with their vibrant colours and fresh look at the prairie landscape.

On our side wall of small gems, two 1958-1959 Michael Snow collages sold along with a 1961 Walking Woman sketch.  The Michael Snow’s hung with two 1958 Jack Chambers works on paper, bicycle & wheel-inspired Greg Curnoe watercolours and a 1963 portrait drawing by Greg Curnoe of Michael Snow.

Aganetha Dyck‘s bee-altered sculpture continues to fascinate and one of her rare 2008 “Masked Ball Series” figurines has happily found a new home.

Jonathan Forrests new luminous, abstract paintings sold very well as well as the large-scale conceptual watercolours by PEI artist Hans Wendt.

On the outside of our booth, the emerging photographer Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart had people excited and entranced by her unique imagination.  A number of her photographs sold during and after the fair.

We were very proud of our booth and our artists and hope that you enjoyed your visit with us in Toronto.  See you next year for the 20th Anniversary of Art Toronto!