Art Toronto 2019

Art Toronto 2019 – October 25-27, 2019
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Booth #A29


From October 25-27, 2019 Michael Gibson Gallery exhibited at Art Toronto.  We were one of six original galleries who have participated for all 20 years of the fairs history – Christopher Cutts Gallery (Toronto), Corkin Gallery (Toronto), Feheley Fine Arts (Toronto), Michael Gibson Gallery (London), Miriam Shiell Fine Art (Toronto), and Odon Wagner Gallery (Toronto).

Part of our 20th Anniversary booth was figurative in nature, while the other focused on strong abstract paintings.

We were honoured to hang an incredible abstract from a prominent Montreal collection: Jack Bush’s “London #8” painting and  Charles Gagnon’s “Inquisition” painting from 1981, an impressive gestural masterpieces.

In direct relationship with the historical abstracts, we hung Jonathan Forrest‘s glorious new luminous paintings and Hans Wendt‘s minimalist, high-realist watercolours.  Both artists made sales and captured the attention of many.

Another rare painting that we were pleased to share was Graham Coughtrys captivating “Self Portrait” from 1963 that toured 11 American cities in the 1960s including MoMA.  This painting inspired us to curate a section of our booth focused on the figure.

Next to the Coughtry on our side wall of gems, we hung and sold a dynamic Betty Goodwin swimmer, Steven Shearer‘s gritty photo assemblage, early 60s Greg Curnoe day-glo figurative paintings and new still-life paintings by Gathie Falk.  A pair of Gathie Falk’s whimsical paintings are now happily in new collections.

Three works by Michael Snow also graced our figurative wall and told the history and development of Snow’s famous “Walking Woman”.  The “Enchanted Woman” from 1956 is a knife-drawn, painted collage that inspired the cutouts of the subsequent Walking Woman works that followed.   A fresh ink on paper drawing, “Fast Figure I”, from 1960, shows through bold strokes a woman striding forward which lead to Snow’s “Pre-Marital Image” from 1963, a cheeky collage stamped with the Walking Woman.

Two sculptures also supported our figurative theme.  We exhibited two bee-altered “Courtiers” from Aganetha Dyck’s popular 2008 “Masked Ball Series” as well as “Hat and Gloves” by Vancouver-based artist Liz Magor.

By Saturday we were able to re-hang aspects of our booth and we were proud to show Susan Dobson’s photograph of a slide carousel on our outside wall as well as a couple of Mark Dicey‘s new abstract paintings, which sold.  We also moved Will Gorlitz’s stunning new moon painting to the outside wall, which seen from 300 feet away across the convention centre, drew inquisitive viewers.

On our other outside wall Jason McLean sold idiosyncratic drawings that referenced the passing of time, his family and the places where he lives.  And we were happy to show new photographs by emerging photographer Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart whose energy and bravery caught the attention of many.

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth.  We look forward to seeing you next year!