“Chroma VI”

“Chroma VI” March 2 – 30, 2024

Every winter for the past 6 years we have curated an exhibition that celebrates colour.  This year, I explored the concept of contrasts – variations and differences in both tone, shape and of course colour.  The duality is sometimes apparent in a single work (like with Will Gorlitz’s glowing blood moon set against the rich and velvety dark blackness of space), while in other instances the juxtaposition requires multiple works (exemplified by Hans Wendt’s incredible soft and bold “index” watercolours).

Typically, the exhibition features abstract painting, however, this year, whimsy and figuration takes prominence.  The artists featured include: Greg Curnoe, Mark Dicey, Jonathan Forrest, Will Gorlitz, Clark McDougall, Ron Moppett, William Perehudoff and Hans Wendt.