Greg Curnoe “From Bus Transfers to Banff”

Greg Curnoe “From Bus Transfers to Banff”  November 9 -25, 2023

As a companion to Susan Day and Jason McLean’s “Transfer Station” exhibition in the front gallery, we have curated a show in our middle gallery featuring rare works by Greg Curnoe.  We have focused specifically on his early work – Dada inspired collages, text based works and a major pop-art painting from the early 1960s.

Like, Day and McLean in the front gallery, Curnoe’s work related directly to his surrounding environment and local community.  He created artwork that reflected what was going on in his life, from his collection of “stuff” found on his daily walks, through to his passion for sport.  Simply, Curnoe valued the “things” of his personal history and used them throughout his life to create his art.  The gallery is completed by his “Self Portrait in Banff Mirror”, an honest self portrait of a man, reflecting on his years, reflecting back to us.


View Greg Curnoe’s Artist Page HERE