The Power of Placement

“The Power of Placement”  April 6-28, 2018

For the month of April we have created vignettes of mid-century modern furniture paired with select artworks by gallery artists.  The seating areas, dining room and living room are all complimented by bold works of art that are enhanced by the furniture.

Through the exhibition we show how specific installations can change how we experience the artwork.  We are embracing a specific lifestyle, one devoted to living with carefully designed pieces of furniture that are geometric, sleek and ultimately utilitarian.  We are not “matching” art with furniture, rather, promoting a way of life devoted to art and individuality.

The exhibition features two new monumental Erik Olson paintings: “Motorcycle #1: Daylight” and “Motorcycle #2: Moonlight Night”.  These paintings are homages to an itinerant life.  The inclusion of these paintings in our show mark an important moment in Olson’s life as he embarks on a 6 month-long motorcycle journey across North America.

We have paired a sublimely minimal Yves Gaucher painting from 1968-69 with a Scandinavian 1950s grey sofa and teak coffee table designed by Arne Hovmand-Olsen (Danish, 1919-1989).  Will Gorlitz‘s round “Crescent Day Moon” painting not only thematically references Olson’s moonlit motorcycle, but is also striking with two Italian designed 1950s acid green lounge chairs and a coffee table by Cees Braakman (Dutch, 1917-1995).

We play with black & white and light & shadow with John Scott and Michael Snow‘s drawings on the white lacquered brutalist cabinet.  Merton Gurshun’s walnut desk and Dorothy Knowles‘ painting feel like they are right out of a period movie set, while the texture of David Sorensen‘s painting balances the cane weaving in the set of four chairs and teak dining table.   Our larger dining room (with our Herb & Margot Ariss teak table) beckons for a long meal in order to soak up the raw energy of Ron Martin‘s bold abstract painting and Hans Wendt‘s masterful watercolour.


The furniture in this exhibit is for sale.
Please call the gallery at 519 439 0451 or email HERE for pricing and availability.