Roly Fenwick “Reflections from Indian Summer”

Roly Fenwick “Reflections from Indian Summer”   June 5 – June 19, 2010


Fenwick’s body of work ,”Reflections from Indian Summer”, completed over 2 years, has been inspired by past memories, childhood experiences and personal images from Fenwick’s life.

Fenwick states: “’Indian Summer’ refers to the present state of life wherein I attempt to preserve the conviction that I am forever a beginner. The images include some core reflections, necessary memories, and connections to lifelines of my experiences. When a painting goes well it abandons me and seems to become an experience of itself.”

Roly Fenwick was born in 1932 in Owen Sound, ON. Fenwick taught painting and drawing at the University of Western Ontario from 1968-1989. He is well known for his lush oil paintings that are inspired by the landscape of the Bruce Peninsula, which Fenwick refers to as his “ancestral bloodroots”.

Fenwick explains that his “interest is not in scenery but in probing to reveal the forces beneath the veneer”. His paintings thoroughly reflect this interest in revealing the sources of nature and inner spirit of the Canadian landscape.