The School Show

The School Show — September 4 – 26, 2015


For the month of September we are featuring a selection of abstract works by Ashleigh Bartlett, Greg Curnoe, James Kirkpatrick, John Kissick, Wanda Koop, Jason McLean, Ron Moppett, Mark Mullin and Erik Olson.

With back to school in mind, I began curating our September group show by thinking of the important student / teacher relationship. The idea evolved from direct relationships (Ashleigh Bartlett who studied with John Kissick at Guelph University), to immediate influences (Jason McLean and Greg Curnoe) to looser generalizations simply based on geography (Calgary’s Erik Olson & Mark Mullin with Ron Moppett). Ultimately, I have paired works of art together that I feel work well together visually, regardless of any inherent connection.