Small Gems – December 2 – 30, 2017


For the month of December in the middle gallery, we have hung salon-style “Small Gems” by gallery artists.

Will Gorlitz’ compassionate painting of a “Gorilla” looks over the west wall which includes a rare watercolour by Jack Chambers, a 1965 abstract print by Jack Bush and lush oil paintings by Colin Dorward, Doug Kirton, David Sorensen and Dorothy Knowles.  Aganetha Dyck’s two new bee-worked porcelain figurines establish a portrait theme with Erik Olson’s uniquely painted etchings,  Wanda Koop’s sublime portrait “Face Time 14” and Eyes as Big as Plates’ photo of “Edda”.

Our south wall includes the rare “Hockey Stick Blades from West Lions Park, London 1965” by Greg Curnoe (memorialized by Jack Chambers in his iconic painting “Sunday Morning No. 2”).  Paired with Curnoe is a recent James Kirkpatrick painting and two intimate ink drawings by Jason McLean.

The north wall explores every day life with Gathie Falk’s lovely painting “Fish and Carrots” and Bernice Vincent’s “Iron Descending”, a bright summers day spent at church with Clark McDougall’s 1952 “Glen Allan Church”, and a romp through the landscape with Roly Fenwick’s “Boneyard” painting and Doris McCarthy’s lively watercolour of “Penguins Swimming”.


To view more work by each artist, click the below name to view their artist page:

Jack Chambers, Greg Curnoe, Colin Muir Dorward, Aganetha Dyck, Eyes as Big as Plates, Gathie Falk, Roly Fenwick, Will Gorlitz, James Kirkpatrick, Doug Kirton, Dorothy Knowles, Doris McCarthy, Clark McDougall, Jason McLean, Erik Olson, David Sorensen