Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice – July 8 – 29, 2022

Our July exhibition celebrates the intensity of Summer, featuring the artworks of Susan Dobson, Roly Fenwick, Jonathan Forrest, Will Gorlitz, Diana Thorneycroft and Ed Zelenak.

From the calm landscape of the Georgian Bay shoreline to the sparkling waters of Lake Michigan, both Roly Fenwick’s “Confluence” and Susan Dobson’s “Viewfinder” photographs entice us to jump in.  Ed Zelenak and Will Gorlitz focus our attention on the heavens with their unique interpretations of the moon.  Jonathan Forrest’s two new towering abstracts thrill us with lush colour reminding us of the setting sun and the deep blue of the night sky after sunset.  And perhaps the perfect representation of summer is Diana Thorneycroft’s “Group of Seven Awkward Moments” photograph “Jack Pine”.  Only Diana can put Tom Thomson in a pup-tent on the shores of Canoe Lake along with Winnie Trainer and the looming jealous lover.