Cicansky Interview “The Constant Gardener”

Vic Cicansky

Vic Cicansky is interviewed by Jocelyn Anderson of UC Davis Magazine.


Victor Cicansky, M.F.A. ’70, hasn’t let the pandemic slow him down.

The Canadian sculptor gets up at 4 a.m. every day, does a half hour of qi gong and then heads to work in his home studio. He’s also an avid gardener, with an intimate relationship to the plants and trees of the Canadian prairie, where he grew up. He turns 86 next month.

“I may as well be 55, physically and mentally,” he said. “I’ve been doing tai chi for years.”

Before the pandemic hit, Cicansky had a busy lineup of appearances and exhibits. In 2019, gardening took center stage with the show Sexing The Garden at the Slate Fine Art Gallery, and in 2020 with The Gardener’s Universe at the Mackenzie Art Gallery. The latter was a retrospective of more than 50 years of work, which included more than 100 ceramic and bronze works and a book that highlighted his art.

The book also presented Cicansky with an idea.

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