Dyck & Thorneycroft at Owens

Aganetha Dyck

“Fairy Tails” at the Owens Art Gallery in Sackville, NB includes work by Aganetha Dyck & Diana Thorneycroft

10 January to 1 April 2020
Opening on Friday, 17 January @ 7:00 pm

Works by Amalie Atkins, Aganetha Dyck, Diana Thorneycroft, Meryl McMaster, Sylvia Ptak, Vicky Sabourin, Anna Torma, Laura Vickerson, Janice Wright Cheney

Curated by Anne Koval


This group exhibition explores the wondrous in nature by reconsidering the role of animals in storytelling. These works present fantastical narratives in which animals preside over strange episodes: tales are rewritten or unwritten, travellers embark on uncertain journeys, danger lurks deep in the forest, a witch appears from nowhere, birds and beasts are spellbound, clothing is enchanted, and a shoe materializes, as if magically spun from gold. If animals are “good to think with,” as anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss once famously remarked, then folk and fairy tales have a long history of speaking through beasts, whose otherworldly transformations can express our innate or unconscious longings and desires.

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Diana Thorneycroft