The Space Between @ McIntosh Gallery

The Space Between

Featuring the artists: Adrienne Dagg, Brian Jones, Sharmistha Kar, Shannon King, Jason McLean, Kim Ondaatje, Jenna Faye Powell, Niloufar Salimi, Kakulu Sagiaktuk, and Gillian Saward

Virtual exhibition curated by Natalie Scola

The Space Between is a virtual exhibition about the home. “Home” has different meanings: tiny apartments, large house, spaces shared with others. In the last year, the idea of what “home” is has also changed. COVID-19 has forced people to isolate; this has changed relationships people have with their homes and living spaces. Home is shelter, somewhere to stay safe amidst a pandemic. But home is now also an office, a social space, a space to relax. No one knows how our perception and understanding of “home” will change.This exhibition questions what makes a home and how homes shape our daily lives.

Link to Virtual Exhibit HERE