“Power of Placement II”

“Power of Placement II” – May 4-23, 2019

We have created vignettes of mid-century modern furniture paired with select artworks by gallery paintings.  The seating areas, dining room and living room are all complimented by bold works of art that are enhanced by the furniture.

Through the exhibition we show how specific installations can change how we experience the artwork.  We are embracing a specific lifestyle, one devoted to living with carefully designed pieces of furniture that are geometric, sleek and ultimately utilitarian.  We are not “matching” art with furniture, rather, promoting a way of life devoted to art and individuality.

Both furniture and art in this exhibition are for sale.


A selection of art from 12 artists Michael Gibson Gallery represents will be on display:

There are a wide range of mediums paired with the furniture, from metalworks to watercolours, showcasing some of the variety the gallery has to offer. More importantly, it emphasizes considering space, furniture, colours, lighting and texture when selecting art for your space. A work of art could inspire how you style your space, but also vice versa. Works from beyond the mid-century modern era into the millennium can create very intriguing visuals when juxtaposed with the funky lines, hues and finishes of “MCM” furniture.