Jonathan Forrest “Colour Chorus”

Jonathan Forrest narrates a short video describing the development of his new series of paintings included in his Fall exhibit “Colour Chorus”.

Art Toronto 2022 Sneak Peek

Watch our Art Toronto 2022 sneak peek movie trailer featuring artworks that will be highlighted in our booth.

Niloufar Salimi “75 Oriole Rd”

Niloufar Salimi’s narrates this behind the scenes video about her exquisite watercolours called “75 Oriole Rd”. Painted over two years, the drawings of the wild apple tree outside of her bedroom window are the focus of our middle gallery September exhibition. Each drawing carefully records the passing of time and the change of seasons. Through delicate line and beautiful touch, we re-live the life and growth of the tree from early spring through winter.

Michael Pszczonak “On The Other Hand”

Michael Pszczonak gives a behind the scenes tour of his September 2022 exhibition “On The Other Hand”.  He describes the evolution from last year’s series of paintings, his process and his interest in pushing his painting practice.

Dil Hildebrand “10 Year Survey”

Curator and writer Tatum Dooley narrates a short video on Dil Hildebrand’s exhibition featuring a survey of paintings created over the past 10 years.

Susan Dobson’s “Focus | Finder”

2 minute introductory video on Susan Dobson’s “Focus | Finder” series of photographs

Greg Curnoe: What About Me?

TAP Centre for Creativity produced this virtual walkthrough video of the exhibition “Greg Curnoe: What About Me”?  The exhibition featured early work by Greg Curnoe that was recently donated to the McIntosh Gallery by Sheila Curnoe.

Michael Pszczonak “The Colour of a Window”

Michael Pszczonak provides a behind-the-scenes tour of his exhibition “The Colour of a Window”.
From the original inspiration through to the influence of Jack Chambers, Pszczonak expounds upon his 12 compelling paintings.

SBG Pop-Up 2021 Sneak Peek Trailer

Watch our sneak peek movie trailer for October’s Pop-Up Exhibit at the Stephen Bulger Gallery.

A Modern Landscape: Takao Tanabe

A Modern Landscape: Takao Tanabe is open at the West Vancouver Art Museum from May 26 to July 17, 2021.  This exhibition explores the career of Takao Tanabe (b. 1926) through work from the collection of the West Vancouver Art Museum and other North Shore public and private collections. A resident of West Vancouver from 1962 until 1967, Tanabe is among Canada’s most eminent painters, recognized for his landscape paintings that bridge the gap between abstraction and realism.

Kim Ondaatje AGO Video

Excerpts from The Lady with the Spotted Dogs (2011), Courtesy of Khyber Jones.

This video is an excerpt from an intimate short film about Kim Ondaatje, directed by her grandson, Khyber Jones. It shows the artist at her current home just north of Kingston, Ontario.  The film highlights Ondaatje’s sense of connection to her art, her land, and her animals, and underscores the importance of the concept of home in the her life and her work.

Mark Dicey Video Tour

Calgary artist Mark Dicey speaks about the inspiration behind his June 2021 exhibition “Confluence” in this video tour.