Angie Quick: Words Fest Talk

On February 22, 2024 curator Andrew Kear and Angie Quick sat down for a Words Fest conversation about her MGG exhibit “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”.

Angie Quick: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Angie Quick provides a behind the scenes tour of her exhibition “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”.  In the video she talks about combining luxurious interiors with her sumptuous figures, the impact of her colour and how the paintings are lyrical.

Transfer Station: Jason McLean & Susan Day Talk

Michael Gibson Gallery and Words were very pleased to present a visit with London artists Jason McLean and Susan Day in conjunction with their November 2023 exhibition “Transfer Station”.

Art Toronto 2023 Sneak Peek

Hans Wendt “Gravibus Non Gravibus”

To accompany Hans Wendt’s Spring 2023 exhibition “Gravibus Non Gravibus”, we have created a 3 minute video providing a more detailed look at his high-realist watercolours.   Hans writes about his recent interpretations and how the colours and forms “take on a life of their own”.

Jason McLean in Conversation with Josh Lambier

Acclaimed mixed-media artist Jason McLean joined Words Artistic Director Josh Lambier at the 2023 TingFest to explore McLean’s relationship to cartooning, comics, zines, and graphic illustration in Southwestern Ontario.

Angie Quick “A Life of Crime”

Emerging artist Angie Quick gives a behind the scenes audio tour of her “A Life of Crime” exhibition at the gallery. In her lush and vibrant paintings, Quick quotes from her daily life, the Baroque era and questions “the measure of our humanity”.

Art Now! A Conversation with Angie Quick

Angie Quick and Professor Joel Faflak discuss Quick’s creative practice in relation to her 2023 Museum London exhibition “make me less evil”.

Jonathan Forrest “Colour Chorus”

Jonathan Forrest narrates a short video describing the development of his new series of paintings included in his Fall exhibit “Colour Chorus”.

Art Toronto 2022 Sneak Peek

Watch our Art Toronto 2022 sneak peek movie trailer featuring artworks that will be highlighted in our booth.

Niloufar Salimi “75 Oriole Rd”

Niloufar Salimi’s narrates this behind the scenes video about her exquisite watercolours called “75 Oriole Rd”. Painted over two years, the drawings of the wild apple tree outside of her bedroom window are the focus of our middle gallery September exhibition. Each drawing carefully records the passing of time and the change of seasons. Through delicate line and beautiful touch, we re-live the life and growth of the tree from early spring through winter.

Michael Pszczonak “On The Other Hand”

Michael Pszczonak gives a behind the scenes tour of his September 2022 exhibition “On The Other Hand”.  He describes the evolution from last year’s series of paintings, his process and his interest in pushing his painting practice.