Michael Snow @ Art Toronto

A behind-the-scenes video of the three rare Michael Snow photographs that we are featuring at Art Toronto 2020.

Doug Kirton Video Tour

Watch our 2 minute video tour of Doug Kirton’s Sept/Oct 2020 exhibition “Recent Walks Alone”.  The exhibition features a suite of dreamlike paintings inspired by the landscape of Laurel Creek.

Victor Cicansky: The Gardener’s Universe

Watch the trailer for Victor Cicansky’s 30 minute long documentary.

Victor Cicansky’s body of work, from the 1960s to present includes surrealist pieces, early experimental Funk sculptures, ceramic Mason jars, and bronze bonsai trees. Cicansky’s work reflects his early exposure to gardening and his Romanian-Canadian working class roots.

Victor Cicansky: The Gardener’s Universe was filmed by 291 Film Company, as part of a comprehensive retrospective of Cicansky’s work, mounted at the MacKenzie Art Gallery.

Michael Smith Video Tour

Watch our June 2020 video tour of Michael Smith’s exhibition “In Light of Time”.  Our exhibition explores a small survey of canvases ranging in date from 2014 – 2020 from seascapes to landscapes to a dynamic new triptych.

Michael Smith Paints “Rouffignac”

Montreal painter Michael Smith shares a behind-the-scenes video of him painting the monumental 2020 triptych “Rouffignac”. The painting was inspired by a 1972 trip to southern France where he discovered a hidden entrance to ancient paleolithic caves.

Keiran Brennan Hinton Tours his June Exhibit

Video of Keiran Brennan Hinton’s June 2020 exhibition “A Clock Is Right Twice A Day”. In the video Keiran explains the inspiration behind his new suite of 14 jewel-like canvases included in the show.

Behind-The-Scenes Studio Tour with Jonathan Forrest

Jonathan Forrest has produced a behind-the-scenes video studio tour of his paintings included in his May 2020 exhibition at the gallery.

“Keep on Walking On” Video Tour

A walking tour of Jonathan Forrest’s May 2020 exhibition “Keep on Keeping On”

“Our New Shared Language” Video Tour

3 Minute Video Tour of our April 2020 middle gallery exhibition.  “Our New Shared Language” reflects on our new shared language. Through humour, grace and sensitivity, these artists highlight our current shared human condition.

“Clark McDougall’s Two Solitudes” Walk-Through Video

Our walk-through video for Clark McDougall’s April “Two Solitudes” exhibition.  The show highlights two subjects that Clark McDougall returned to often: the rural landscapes of North Yarmouth Township and the energetic city streets for which he was familiar.

Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart Intro

Sage Szkabarnicki Stuart’s work focuses on how humans interact with their home environment. The central question of her work is: what defines a place as home? One way to try and answer this is by highlighting aspects of the day-to-day that are embedded in routine. Through her photographs Sage hopes to give the viewer a new sense of appreciation and awareness for the place they call home.

Susan Dobson “Slide Library” Interview

Photographer Susan Dobson gives us a tour of her May 2018 “Slide Library” exhibition.  Watch our 4 minute video interview with Dobson where she describes the background behind the series and her interest in highlighting the history of photography.