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Michael Gibson has 30 years of experience writing professional fine-art appraisals for re-sale, insurance, estate planning or donation purposes. The gallery is a member in good standing of the Art Dealers Association of Canada (ADAC) and has extensive experience in appraising Canadian and International contemporary and historical art. Associate Director, Jennie Kraehling, is a professionally trained appraiser and a member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA). All appraisal reports are well researched, conform with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and accurately reflect current market trends.


1   What is the artwork that you want valued? 

Is it one painting, or a collection?  Help us by identifying the artist(s), title, date, size, medium for each item. Is there information on the back of the artwork? How did you acquire the artwork?

2   What is the reason for the appraisal? 

Why are you asking for an appraisal?  We provide appraisals for re-sale, insurance, donation and estate purposes.

3   How long does it take and how much does it cost?

The cost and time spent depends on the amount of research needed and the scope of work to complete the appraisal report. Most written appraisal reports start at $250.  Written appraisal reports are written to USPAP standards.  Verbal appraisals are free.

4   How do we connect?

Contact us HERE about the artwork that you want appraised and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  You can also call us at 519.439.0451 or 1.866.644.2766.


The Michael Gibson Gallery has an extensive history of buying art from clients who are looking to downsize, sell an inheritance or disperse an estate. We work quickly and quietly, providing the option to purchase your artwork outright, negotiate an auction sale, or sell your artwork on consignment.  We also help facilitate long-term de-accession plans for tax purposes.  With a strong art-history foundation and an extensive network of professionals, we can ensure that you receive the best market price.

1   What Do We Buy?

We are actively seeking to purchase significant Canadian and International works of art. We are interested in works of art that are of a quality and rarity that we would want to hang in our own homes.  We continually offer all works to our clients first before we would consider adding them to our own personal collections.

In the past, we have purchased and have successfully re-sold artwork by: Tom Thomson, JEH MacDonald, AY Jackson, William Kurelek, Jack Bush, Takao Tanabe, Paterson Ewen, Greg Curnoe, Betty Goodwin, Ron Martin, Jean McEwen, Joseph Albers,Wanda Koop, Gathie Falk, Murray Favro, Michael Snow, Tony Urquhart, Roly Fenwick, Ray Mead and more.

2   How do I sell my artwork?

Please contact us HERE and tell us about the artwork that you are looking to sell.  You can also call us at 519.439.0451 or 1.866.644.2766.  We will provide you with a preliminary market value of your artwork based on the information that you provide us. Depending on your needs and timeline, we can discuss the option of an outright purchase or consignment / auction sale.  Consignment commission rates range between 10-20%. We will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours.

3   Why Choose Us?

Selling your art through the Michael Gibson Gallery is a great way to avoid navigating the rather complicated world of art on your own. We provide excellent service, a national network of potential buyers and the ability to write a cheque for your art. Most importantly, we are discreet and work with great efficiency.  We treat people equally and fairly, and are committed to placing your artwork in the best possible collections.


Established in 1984 in downtown London, Michael Gibson Gallery has earned a nation-wide reputation specializing in contemporary Canadian and international art. Housed in one of the finest exhibition spaces in Canada, the gallery offers superior service to its collectors. Through ten annual exhibitions, in-depth catalogues, and lively public events, we aim to promote the work of the best emerging and established regional and national artists in order to enrich the cultural life of our clientele. We also buy and sell works by key contemporary and historical artists and advise private and corporate collectors as well as artists’ estates.

In 1997 the gallery moved to 157 Carling Street, a historic building owned by a prominent London family since 1926, which Michael Gibson was honoured to purchase in 2006. Designed by John Nicholson of Nicholson Sheffield Architects, the Gallery won the National Post Design Exchange silver award for Renovations under $100k. In summer 2009 we opened The Woodman Room, named in honour of Drs. Ross and Marion Woodman. This downstairs space, truly unique to London, is designed to hold public events -- lectures, film screenings, seminars -- to foster the lively cultural exchange and exploration of a range of ideas.

The gallery has been a member of the Art Dealers Association of Canada (ADAC) since 1998.   Please spend some time exploring our website, which offers a digital emulation of our unique gallery space. We hope to see you in person at 157 Carling Street, London, Ontario, Canada.


Michael Gibson
is President of the Michael Gibson Gallery.  Upon completion of his BBA at Bishop's University, Gibson opened a gallery in downtown London in 1984.  A Past President of the Art Dealers Association of Canada, Gibson served on the Board of Directors for nine years.  He has participated in over 35 international art fairs, has sat on many art juries, and frequently gives talks about collecting art.  Michael has built a successful business in London, ON by focusing on representing the leading artists in Canada.  The gallery also represents several prominent artists estates.

Jennie Kraehling, ISA, is the associate director of the Michael Gibson Gallery.  She has worked at the gallery since 2001 and has an honours Art History / English degree from Queen's University.  Since 2009, she has been a member of the International Society of Appraisers.  She is also up-to-date with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), the congressionally recognized set of appraisal standards promulgated by The Appraisal Foundation.

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*photos by Rob Nelson